Welcome from our Directors!

Welcome from Mr. Donald Peach!

I am honored to be the Interim Assistant Director of Bands and especially the Director of the prestigious “North Carolina Band of Distinction,” The Marching Mountaineers!” There is nothing like the camaraderie of a college marching band that provides our students, parents, faculty and YOSEF Club members the exuberant spirit of the game. 

We have an outstanding staff in our leadership group this year. They are ready as the excitement builds for camp in August! I feel confident in my conversations with Dr. Richardson and Dr. Ross that the qualifications of this staff is stellar.

As the rookies will discover soon, there is not a more beautiful setting for college marching band than Appalachian in the summer! A detailed schedule for Band Camp will be posted on the band website soon. For now, all you need to know is your move-in date (listed on page 5) by 1:00pm. Once you’re here, plan on a rigorous rehearsal schedule every day (9am - 10pm) through Monday, August 20th (classes begin the next day). With the limited amount of rehearsal time during the semester (plus unpredictable weather) we must learn as much as possible during camp.

The Appalachian Marching Band Festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 27, a weekend other than Fall Break! Yes….Woohoo! There are six home football games scheduled for this season. The entire band will travel to the bowl game in December (game and date TBA).

I want to welcome Mr. Joe Conti to the team as Graduate Assistant.  I also would like to welcome back Mr. Jake Little who will serve as Instructor of Marching Percussion. 

The Marching Mountaineers exist for three reasons: to have FUN, to provide relentless support for ASU athletics, and to entertain the heck out of people. We accomplish all three goals the Marching Mountaineer way...with distinction! Come prepared to work hard and play harder!

We want to Thank Dr. Kevin Richardson for his dedication to the marching band that exemplified the excellent standard set forth by each of our members. The Band of Distinction, The Marching Mountaineers and I want to thank him for his incredible work he has done and wish him well as he transitions to The University of Texas of the Permian Basin as Director of Bands.

See you soon, Don Peach

Welcome from Dr. John Ross

Dear members of the 2018 Edition of the Appalachian Marching Mountaineers!  It is my pleasure to welcome you to THE North Carolina  Band of Distinction!  

This season features the return of Mr. Donald Peach as our Interim Assistant Director of Bands and the Director of our Appalachian State University Marching Mountaineers. I am thrilled to welcome Mr. Peach back as he brings great energy, passion, and an uncompromisingly high standard to every ensemble and organization that he leads. I'm also thrilled to welcome Mr. Joe Conti as our Graduate Assistant with the Appalachian Bands for the next two years.  Mr. Conti is an exceptional musician and I know you will enjoy working with him.  I'm also thrilled to welcome Jake Little back as our Director of Marching Percussion. He has been an invaluable part of our team for many years now and has revolutionized our percussion section.  

We  all  bid  Dr.  Kevin Richardson  a very  fond  farewell  as  he leaves  us  to  begin  his  tenure  at The University of Texas at the Permian  Basin  as  Director  of  Bands.  We   thank  him  for  his incredible   leadership   with  our  ASU  Athletic  Bands  and  his aesthetic  work  with  our Appalachian Symphony Band.  He will be missed.

I  look  forward  to  hearing  and  seeing   you  at  rehearsals  and performances   throughout   the   season.  As  your  biggest cheer- leader,     I     look     forward      to      supporting      you      most enthusiastically  as you continue to serve our university and state as The North Carolina Band of Distinction. 

With all best wishes, 

Dr.  John  Stanley  Ross,  Director  of  Bands  Appalachian  State University